Rent a traditional loghouse in the most popular Finnish ski resort: Levi!
Rent a deluxe ski cottage in Lapland
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Split-level Apartments 2004

PLUS is a building housing two split-level appartments. The rectangular uneven floors are rotated 90 degrees with repect to the even floors, thus giving a '+' look when viewed from above.

This way, every appartment has two big spaces, living room and master bedroom, with large windows, and also two large sundecks.
The large windows make the silhouette of the building pleasant to the eye, preserving the symmetry with the sundecks.
The floors measure 5 x 10 meter, giving each appartment a (gross) surface of 100 sqm. As an alternative, this building can be contructed as one home, combined with a spacy atelier or practice on the ground floor.



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